3D Printing



Stratasys objet 350 Connex 3

A professional grade 3D printer that can print full color and simulated materials. Excellent for functional prototypes, and injection molds. Extremely accurate with a glossy or matte surface finish and a 25 micron layer height.

Offered Materials:

  • Digital ABS (for functional prototypes and injection molds) 

  • Tango Black (flexible)

  • Other materials available for large orders.

Cost: $1.25 per cm^3


stratasys fdm titan

One of largest build volumes available for an FDM printer. Prints in a heated chamber for very strong prints. Ideal for functional prototypes and large prints. Layer height of 0.1 mm.

Offered Materials:

  • ABS

  • PC-ABS

  • PC

  • Nylon

  • PC-ISO


Cost: from $0.50 per cm^3 to $3.00 per cm^3 depending on material



makerbot REPLICATOR 2x

A small dual extruder machine ideal for concept models and early prototypes. Produces parts similar to the FDM Titan with less strength, geometry limitations, and slight thermal warpage.

Offered Materials:

  • ABS

  • PLA

  • PETG

  • PC

  • And many others

Cost: Highly dependent on order quantity and part dimensions, contact for specifics. From $1.00/hr to $3.00/hr depending on quantity ordered and material used.